Make it memorable.

Soon the summer heat will be something of the past.  More parties will head outdoors as the cooler temperatures call us to sit on our porches and gather with friends.  A time to reconnect after summer travels.

Hosting a party of any kind requires a certain level of work, although after years of stressing over having my floors and blinds in dust free mode it has gotten a whole lot easier!    Note to our younger entertainers … no one will ever do the finger test on your floors or blinds.  If they do … find new friends.  🙂

But there is coordination in bringing everything together so your guests have a wonderful experience!

So how do we thank the hostess?   Most walk in with the obligatory bottle of wine or a bouquet of fresh flowers.  Both much appreciated but will your “thank you” be remembered?  Was it personal enough?

Time to step it up a notch…

Why not walk in with a bottle of wine and a wine bottle candelabra.   Attach a note thanking the host and asking them to open your bottle during a future celebration.  The topper will help them remember why they opened the bottle and cherish the celebration forever.   A small gift bag with wine pens inside will help the night run a lot smoother as guests aren’t looking for “their glass”.

Want to give something practical?  Nothing helps a hostess more than something that will help them prepare for their next party.  We all have the pepper jelly for the cream cheese or the assortment of cheese and crackers in the pantry.   Try giving the hostess a variety of your favorite cheeses with a unique new way to display them.  A slate cheese board to identify each cheese or cheese picks that will spice up an existing cheese tray.

The idea is to stop and think it through.   The hostess is our friend and is busy just like we are.   Give them a pick me up so that they will know their efforts were appreciated.   Make it memorable, because times with friends … is a memorable experience!

Keep Gathering, Stay Polished!