We all have those wonderful “milestones” that we are told to enjoy … they are the best years of your life …. yada yada yada!  Well, certain ones are harder than others.  lol

Upon reaching a significant one in my life, I decided to go the “total control” route.  No, I didn’t want a surprise party because well … they scare the heck out of me.   I like knowing what is going to happen and when it is going to happen.  Call me a “fun buster” but hey … I’m older now and that is OK!

When my wonderful hubby asked me how I wanted to celebrate “stated milestone”,  I paused.  What would make my birthday perfect?   Then the idea came into the “always spinning virtual think tank” and the planning began of hosting a party with the friends I have known for a VERY long time.


You know the kind … The ones who took your kids to practice if you had another child needing to be somewhere thirty minutes away at the same time.  Or the friend who called you calmly to tell you that “one grown man now” had swallowed a nickel at school and the school couldn’t reach me so “friend” went to the Thomas Jefferson rescue.  Or the friend who has seen you change your hair style and color many times over and still says it looks great unless the “Lucille Ball” affect earns the statement of “oh my”…. Well, you get the picture, THOSE kind of friends.


For me, THOSE friends are the “Cha Cha’s”.   We came up with that name many years ago.  While on a ski trip a couple of us went into a store called “Cha Cha’s”.  Being the silly folks we are, we all bought cat eyed sunglasses with rhinestones and did a selfie in front of the “Cha Cha” sign when we didn’t even know what that was … and yes we had to wait for the film to develop.  The “Cha Cha’s” were born.


In preparing for the celebration,  I decided to debut our new tablescape, “Papa’s Heart Pine” for the party.   The table was set with the bright colors of spring because “this said milestone” was not having anything to do with black.  (Although I ended up wearing all black that evening … irony 101!)



We then invited the best chef around to come and do a cooking class for us.   Joseph Fasy was incredible as he worked the group through several dishes and yes, he even taught us a trick or two!  The house was filled with chatter as the Cha Cha aprons moved around the kitchen.  No stuffy restaurant where you can only talk to the four people around you …. HOME.  Yes, it was comfortable.  It was HOME.




The evening ended outside on the porch, sitting by the fire and watching “Jack” move around from friend to friend.  We lingered, we visited, we enjoyed our friendship.   WE created a great memory!

the-polished-table_jebb-graff_ril032615-178We all live very busy lives but at the end of the day, will all that “stuff” that kept us busy be the memory that garnishes a smile?   Time to regroup folks.   Plan the dinner parties, take the time to make it special and grow as a community.  THAT is “the good stuff”.


A big shout out to my dear friend Jebb Graff or Graff Creative who happens to be an incredible professional photographer for capturing the evening with his artistic eye.   Jebb, Joseph and my hubby Jim didn’t wear a “Cha Cha” apron but for that night they were part of our circle and we were all blessed!

As for me … well “said milestone” seemed to be just fine.  Now here’s to another year!

Enjoy the video and remember … The Polished Table provides the table so you can have more fun!